Well that was a year and a half, or more, I know it wasn’t logically, but it certainly felt that way to me.

I feel like I should do one of those top songs/albums/books/gigs/film yearly reviews, but then I’d be here all night writing it and you’d be here all day reading it. Also I have been on holidays and who wants to update their blog when you’re off on holidays. Still on holidays, but hey I’m bored.

So here is a list of general things that have made my year.

Seeing Jarvis Cocker and Blonde Redhead at the Metro, but obviously not at the same time.

Watching the 3 best episodes ever of the new Doctor Who (Human Nature, The Family of Blood, and Blink) final series of Life On Mars, and anything with Dudley Moore & Peter Cook.

Falling in loving with the music of Ned Collete, The Basics, The National, Andrew Bird, Pikelet, LCD Soundsystem, Die! x 3, Sly Hats, The Bank Holidays, Blonde Redhead, The New Pornographers, Sunset Rubdown, and decent radio shows from Russell Brand, Adam & Joe, and Tony Martin with Get This, recently booted off airwaves, vile austereo network.

Seeing Ned Collete, Sly Hats with Guy Blackman, and The Basics at the Hopetoun Hotel.

Seeing Daniel Kitson’s C90, Tim Minchin’s Dark Side, and Bell Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth all at the Sydney Opera House.

Remembering just exactly why I love comics, musicals, and Jane Austen’s novels, although not necessarily in that order.

Hong Kong Disneyland!!! IN WINTER!!! Photos to follow. Only Euro Disney to go and I’ve been to them all, I’m not counting Florida Disneyworld. Pffttt!

A toast to happier times, many more gigs, and shows, and waking up to a better new year.

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