Big Day Out 2008


Worst. Big Day Out. Ever.

For me at least. I don’t think I will be attending the Big Day Out again unless I organise myself and go down to the Melbourne one again, Melbourne do a good BDO. It seems a complete shame to end my BDO attendance this way. Because frankly, we’ve had a pretty good relationship, it was always the highlight of my under aged years, along with the (used-to-be-decent) Hottest 100 countdown.

I’m going to list the top 4 pros (Thumbs up), and cons (Heads down) of the day. Sean has set lists for Spoon, Arcade Fire, and LCD Soundsystem on his BDO review and where he might not have wanted to rant, but I sure as hell will.

Thumbs Up to…

1. LCD Soundsystem! James Murphy may have had a nasty case of sunstroke and sunburn from surfing the previous day, but he came out all tambourines, and cowbells a-blazing. The man has an amazing voice, accentuated by the fact he uses an old school hand held microphone, he’ll shout, he’ll scream, he’ll sing and he’ll hold notes for at least 30 seconds, before starting all over again. He gets everyone up, singing and dancing. His band + some of Arcade Fire helping out on stage were shit hot. All his songs translated incredibly well, and were much more rock orientated rather than dance, which made for great listening. And look I don’t care that some of the folk I was dancing with kept calling him fat, James Murphy is one sexy man. Yeah, All My Friends, Movement, and North American Scum were personal highlights.

I heard that his sideshow at the Enmore where he played the BDO setlist plus stuff off his previous albums as well Get Innocuous, and covered Joy Division’s No Love Lost was kick arse too.

2. Arcade Fire! This band will never fail to impress, and astonish me. That moment when they and the crowd all launch into Wake Up together, sent chills down my spine, made the hairs on the back of neck stood up, and gave me goosebumps all at the same time. Of course the Enmore show was more special and a millions times better, but still those kids will always put on an a-maz-ing show! My highlight was the spellbinding accapella ending to their set and Rebellion (Lies).

3. Spoon! Keyboard troubles aside. These guys are so much fun, cracking smiles, and yet getting down to the point of playing really good music. Will talk about their excellent Annandale show, and the brass section that they brought with them from the Annandale to BDO. It was really cool to see under age Spoon fans, enjoying and appreciating one of the most consistently excellent and tightest outfits I have ever seen. Kudos to the little ones for not bugging me, and getting the chance some of us never got way back when. I missed their 2001 Sydney show, since I used to be one. I also got some ok Spoon photos will post, when I have more room on flickr, I should really get a paid account one of these days.

4. Constantly running into people, I hadn’t see in over six months/one-two years. It’s always nice when you get to catch up with folk you like.

Heads Down to…

1. Bjork pulling out the night before with Yorke’s excuse. I was and still am so cut about this. Especially when I had missed out on tickets to her amazing side show. Although, I was informed that even music related folk with clout and serious connections couldn’t get a look in ticket wise to her sideshow, so that makes me feel slightly better. But I had been saying to myself these past few weeks that doesn’t matter that I missed out, because seeing her at the Big Day Out will make up for this. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

2. The confusing maze that constitutes as the Big Day Out. But more importantly the nightmare that was the poorly managed D barricade. All I wanted to do was see Arcade Fire in close proximity. I was going to clear off and see LCD Soundsystem. Not everyone had trouble with the D, and I’ve never had any real trouble every other year I’ve gone to the Big Day Out. I also had never ever admitted defeat to the D till this year. But after being incredibly crushed for over an hour, and when I say crushed I mean, not able to breathe, so you’re on the constant verge of passing out, or being swept under thanks to the idiots who think it’s fun to push everyone dangerously to and fro; I had to bail and miss out.

3. The god awful embarrassing pantomime that has become silverchair and Daniel Johns. It was like watching an effeminate and over polished David Brent car crash in slow motion perform on stage, he was just that toe curling. Also Enter Shikari for being one of the stupidest and worst bands, I have ever seen, I was waiting for spoon to start on the opposite stage I must stress. Their “screamo/trance” aka being a poor man’s Linkin Park numbers, just made me feel physically sick. Also the NME like em and hype me- reason number 380. to just avoid them.

4. The water happy security guards at Spoon who refused to listen to Britt when he asked them to stop, and just kept going. They only stopped until after Britt lost it calling one security guy in particular a ‘fucking arsehole’ and ‘a dipshit’, and the crowd had finished hurling enough bottles. FYI security guards indie kids don’t like to be sprayed, we aren’t uncontrollable dogs. Some of the rage fans could have used a god hosing maybe, but not the indie kids we’re a respectable lot. No one had better be pulling that kind of thing at Laneway or I’ll be writing a letter of complaint.

Phew. No wonder everyone seemed beyond exhausted.

2 responses to “Big Day Out 2008

  1. Britt losing it with security was hilarious.

  2. i had the same water thing happen to me at the qld bdo watching the living end. really annoying!

    what’s wrong with silverchair?

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