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  1. Will here from Heapsaflash

    I was checking out Australian music blogs and came across heads up / thumbs down; I was stoked to find someone equally interested in Australian music so I just wanted to touch base quickly.

    Without beating around the bush: I work with Heapsaflash, a small music company out of Brisbane working with a wide range of ‘quality’ Australian / NZ independent artists. ‘Quality’ in quotations because obviously were not keen to waste your or our time.

    Perchance you were keen; we’d be keen to send you occasional music releases for you to consider checking out for your blog. No big files, just an email with some basic artist info and a link to download the song if you’re keen.

    To give you an idea of us : we’re currently working with Melbournians Skipping Girl Vinegar, Sydney funk-rockers Bluejuice and Sydney sci-fi soulsters The Paper Scissors. You can also check us out on Lost at e minor or Polaroids of Androids.

    We pride ourselves on representing some of the best emerging Australian Independent talent around, so if you’re interested please check out our Heapsablog and leave us a message or give us a shout back on this email address.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,



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