I was planing on writing up my reviews of Brian Wilson, Spank Rock, and Sufjan Stevens. And all those gigs which are to follow. But then I got really bloody ill last week, with this viral infection that essentially knocked me for six, I don’t think I have been that for at least 10 years. I am feeling fine now though, still on medication, and hoping that it wont come back.

But unfortunately last night my computer has decided to pretty much die on me and will be in the computer shop having surgery for at least three weeks.

I am still going to blog, but it will very slow, since I have to now make use of my local library and they only give you an hour a day online.



The computer is fixed! Hoo-ray! Well fixed to a point, the laptop needs a new bloody screen, but the nice man in the shop worked very hard and has stopped the power plug from shooting sparks and the insides of the computer from being fried as a result of the extra electricity.

Must now follow the golden rule, so I don’t ever get caught out again.


and one more thing…

The NATIONAL!!! OH MY GOD!! review to follow once I stop with the OH MY GOD’S!

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