I was planing on writing up my reviews of Brian Wilson, Spank Rock, and Sufjan Stevens. And all those gigs which are to follow. But then I got really bloody ill last week, with this viral infection that essentially knocked me for six, I don’t think I have been that for at least 10 years. I am feeling fine now though, still on medication, and hoping that it wont come back.

But unfortunately last night my computer has decided to pretty much die on me and will be in the computer shop having surgery for at least three weeks.

I am still going to blog, but it will very slow, since I have to now make use of my local library and they only give you an hour a day online.



The computer is fixed! Hoo-ray! Well fixed to a point, the laptop needs a new bloody screen, but the nice man in the shop worked very hard and has stopped the power plug from shooting sparks and the insides of the computer from being fried as a result of the extra electricity.

Must now follow the golden rule, so I don’t ever get caught out again.


and one more thing…

The NATIONAL!!! OH MY GOD!! review to follow once I stop with the OH MY GOD’S!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Well here are my pictures from that magical winter’s day, when my mum took me and my little brothers (they are six and eight btw) to Disneyland and all while I had a nasty bout of the flu. Good Times!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I probably should have, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I had taken. Especially when you consider that I can’t take photos, and most of the photos that I do take never normally make it past the digital rubbish. Enjoy!




















Well that was a year and a half, or more, I know it wasn’t logically, but it certainly felt that way to me.

I feel like I should do one of those top songs/albums/books/gigs/film yearly reviews, but then I’d be here all night writing it and you’d be here all day reading it. Also I have been on holidays and who wants to update their blog when you’re off on holidays. Still on holidays, but hey I’m bored.

So here is a list of general things that have made my year.

Seeing Jarvis Cocker and Blonde Redhead at the Metro, but obviously not at the same time.

Watching the 3 best episodes ever of the new Doctor Who (Human Nature, The Family of Blood, and Blink) final series of Life On Mars, and anything with Dudley Moore & Peter Cook.

Falling in loving with the music of Ned Collete, The Basics, The National, Andrew Bird, Pikelet, LCD Soundsystem, Die! x 3, Sly Hats, The Bank Holidays, Blonde Redhead, The New Pornographers, Sunset Rubdown, and decent radio shows from Russell Brand, Adam & Joe, and Tony Martin with Get This, recently booted off airwaves, vile austereo network.

Seeing Ned Collete, Sly Hats with Guy Blackman, and The Basics at the Hopetoun Hotel.

Seeing Daniel Kitson’s C90, Tim Minchin’s Dark Side, and Bell Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth all at the Sydney Opera House.

Remembering just exactly why I love comics, musicals, and Jane Austen’s novels, although not necessarily in that order.

Hong Kong Disneyland!!! IN WINTER!!! Photos to follow. Only Euro Disney to go and I’ve been to them all, I’m not counting Florida Disneyworld. Pffttt!

A toast to happier times, many more gigs, and shows, and waking up to a better new year.

Us Kids Know…


Finally, the Sideshow dates for The Arcade Fire!

These haven’t yet been offically confirmed but will most probably be soon.

In Sydney The Aracde Fire will be @ The Enmore Theatre on the 22nd and 23rd of January.

And in Melbourne @ The Forum on the 29th and 30th of January.

Not sure of pricing or when and where tickets go on sale. Will update when they are avalible.

So almost glad I missed out on Bjork tickets, and slightly grateful that I bought my National ticket for the 21st. Which means I suppose that I have more dates to choose from, and that I just might be waling away with TWO Arcade Fire tickets, pending finances.

How on earth am I going to buy them in Hong Kong three hours behind AEST! Email me please if you could help me out!

Sketchy reports have Spoon supporting AF.

Fingers Crossed!!!


Its offical kids!

22nd of Jan  @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney & 29th of Jan @  The Forum, Melbourne 

On Sale Dec 12th or next Wednesday @ 9 am from Ticketek!

And this is from the AF forum –

Support for first show in each city is Spoon, support for 2nd show TBC

Onsale December 12th

However this is still confirmed, when things are made official I will update!

Spoon Sideshow Announcement !!!


The Spoon Sydney sideshow is drum-roll please…

Thursday 24th January
Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW
Online from
www.annandalehotel.com, Also via phone charge: (02) 9550 1078
Ticket price: $ 40.00 + booking fee

However, the above listing has been taken off the Annandale Hotel website, was it announced a tad too early?

The other Spoon sideshows are so far as follows-

Saturday 26 January
The Living End, Grinspoon, Blue King Brown, Spoon (USA), Mia Dyson, Urthboy, Katalyst, Katchafire (New Zealand), Custom Kings, The Red Eyes, The Scientists of Modern Music, Unleash The Nugget
8pm, Royal Hobart Regatta Pavilion & Grounds, Queens Domain, TAS, $89 (+ bf)

Wednesday 30th January
The Corner Hotel ,Melbourne, VIC
On Sales Thursday 6 December – Tix $40

UPDATE: The show at the Annandale is now confirmed, tickets on sale Dec 20th.

Big Day Out Sideshows


Some of the Big Day Ooot sideshows are as follows and I think in some places we could have some clashing with Sydney Festival , well for me anyway.

Sydneyl Saturday 26 January l ENMORE THEATRE

Supported by Dappled Cities Fly

Tickets: Enmore Theatre Box Office 02 9550 3666 / Ticketek 132 849 & www.ticketek.com.au

(nice to see Dappled supporting)

Sydney l Wednesday 23 January l The Metro

Tickets: Ticketek 132 849 / www.ticketek.com.au & The Metro Box Office 02 9550 3666 or www.inthemix.com.au


Byron Bay l Wednesday 23 January l Great Northern
Tickets: Great Northern Box Office 02 6685 6454 / www.byronbayentertainment.com & Oztix 1300 762 545 & Oztix outlets

Sydney Thursday 24 January l The Metro
Tickets: The Metro Box Office 02 9550 3666 or Ticketek 132 849 / www.ticketek.com.au & www.inthemix.com.au

The Spoon and Arcade Fire Sydney sideshows are yet to be announced but as the Arcade Fire Rumor Mill grows word is that potential dates could be…

January 23 & 24 for Sydney @ the Enmore or Big Top

January 29 &30 for Melbourne

Two Shows!!! Lets hope so…

Other include Spoon for Melbourne and Tasmania, and Battles and Bjork who were already announced as part of Sydney Festival.

Dates for sideshows in other state and/or for Billy Brag, Enter Shikari, Kate Nash, The Nightwatchman, Shy Child, Anti Flag, Carl Cox, Spoon, can be found here .

Something That Made My Weekend…

That wasn’t just the election result.


On my Sunday morning walk, while I was waiting for the lights to change, this bloke and his son who looked about 10/11, pulled up beside me on their bikes mid conversation. To my delight, the father was reciting the parrot sketch to his son. The son didn’t seem too impressed, but I sure chuckled in all the right places.