Ned Collette @ the Hopetoun Hotel


Mr Collette.

Mr N. Collette.

Mr Ned Collette.

Mr Ned Collette with his band.

Mr Ned Collette with his band, three guitars, a delay pedal, and some bloody good songs.

Ned Collette is one of most talented musician/singer/songwriters in Australia. Well, he is in my fair and unbiased opinion anyway. The man and his band shouldn’t be filling the Hoey, he should be selling out the Metro, or a similar sized venue. But maybe playing at the Hopetoun Hotel, only adds to his charm, because Ned Collette, whatever his level of popularity is, still comes across as a real unknown genuine find to first time listeners.

I didn’t get a set list, but since everything was off Future Suture, I can safely say that he did play the following in a particular order that isn’t listed here:

Ned’s Dream

Sell Your Life

Turning Turning

The Country With a Smile


First Love

Winter Holiday

Forty Children

Show Your Hand

And that he didn’t play Lost and Found! Sorry, I’m slightly bitter about that. Seeing as it is my favourite song off Future Suture and it’s got awesome sounding backwards guitar at the end, which I’m informed he does LIVE.

But gig grudge aside, a round of applause must go to his band. Joe Talia on drums, and Ben Bourke on bass, who are a pair of talented musicians in their own right, and only add to the magic. And I will say that while Ned and his band may sound slightly sedated and poppy when coming through speakers, this in fact bares no actual resemblance to them live, with Ned and his cohorts doing their own fair share of whistling and rocking out in true Guitar Hero fashion.

Supporting Ned + Band was Jamie Hutchings, which when compared to the fact other cities are getting Pikelet was to be honest, a bit of a let down. I mean Jamie performed an ok set, but I’m more a fan of his band Bluebottle Kiss rather his solo stuff. The Hoey was hot inside as ever, but then it wouldn’t be the Hoey if it wasn’t, and the crowd were really good, a real nice mix of people who were there it seems to enjoy the music, giving the place a relaxed vibe.

Ned Collette is wonderfully layered on record there’s not denying that, but make no mistake hearing him live, isn’t just listening to the same songs only louder. With his band fully behind him working the magic, three guitars, prowess with the delay pedal, and his heartbreaking voice…Ned’s songs come alive, becoming all the more real, and interesting in the process.

The rest of Ned Collette’s dates are as follows:

16th Nov 2007 Roxanne Parlour, Melbourne

23rd Nov 2007 Karova Lounge, Ballarat

24h Nov 2007 Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff ,Vic

27th Nov 2007 The Front Cafe, Canberra

28th Nov 2007 The Cambridge, Newcastle

30th Nov 2007 Bon Amici Cafe, Toowoomba

1st Dec 2007 Hanger, Brisbane

6th Dec 2007 Rocket Bar, Adelaide

7th Dec 2007 The Norfolk, Fremantle

8th Dec 2007 78 Records- Instore All Ages, Perth

8th Dec 2007 The Rosemount, Perth

14th Dec 2007 Meredith Music Festival, Meredith

18th Jan 2008 Corner Hotel, Melbourne

19th Jan 2008 Corner Hotel Melbourne


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