DJ Ayers @ Oxford Art Factory


DJ Ayers + Ro Sham Bo vs. Hoops vs. Peace Out

Thumbs Up to: DJ AYERS who is like a machine. Or like a man with the power to control a million awesome mix tapes and albums at once, and still come across as the most unassuming legend that he surely is. A shout out of thanks and many sore feet the next day must go to local DJ ensembles Hoops and Ro Sham Bo who always get the people moving and for their entertaining tag team battles with Peace Out.


Thumbs Down to: The Oxford Art Factory’s stupid door stamps, the Vice magazine-oh-so-trendy-General Pants and co. crowd, and it’s bump and grind associates, half of whom looked and dressed like they’d come from some sub-par Darling Harbour nightclub, which in all honesty they most probably had.


This should be longer but I’ve got a cold at the moment and I’m afraid that’s all there is, there isn’t anymore.


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