Blonde Redhead @ The Metro


I’m a couple of weeks behind with this, but no matter, its not like being late is anything new to me.

Blonde Redhead are achingly good. I mean I thought they were pretty darn good on record, but now I bloody well know it. This show, however seemed to really divide the room, with one half saying they were tired, and because of this they were lackluster, going through the motions, and that they really disappointed. The other half, with myself included thought they were fantastic, heck I even resorted to squealing a couple of times.

It was one those rare nights out were nothing seemed to annoy me and I’m a fussy bitch, I’ll be the first to admit to that. Heck, not the crowd pushing and calling out, not the stoned idiots, nor the fact it was all agers, nothing. The music for me was that good. They played for one magic hour and then they came back for a 5 song encore. Impressed you bet I was.

Ok, so they didn’t talk, they did look tired and I can understand why some people were disappointed, they had high hopes, but for me going in with no real expectation of Blonde Redhead, they seriously delivered above and beyond.

The Red Sun Band were supporting, and you know I wanted to like them, I tried really hard to like them, a couple of their songs caught my attention, but on a whole they put me to sleep, quite literally, between them and the over use of the smoke machine, I was fighting back yawns and dozing with the best of them. Still all in all, a good night out!



2 responses to “Blonde Redhead @ The Metro

  1. they didn’t even play silently – now that left me cut.

  2. Good point, personally I was hoping for Maddening Cloud.

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