Dappled Cites Fly and Red Riders @ Metro




Two weeks ago (yeah I know I’m behind on the times) Red Riders and Dappled Cities Fly SOLD OUT The Metro with their double headlining Break Your Necks tour, Belles Will Ring were supporting. And what an interesting night, I had just come from the documentary Zoo – see another entry for the poison I pour onto that piece of crap doubling as a filmmaking- so my mood was slightly aggravated and weird at best, thankfully my mood quickly improved. I was late cause of the film and then busy getting some beer and saying some hellos so I ended up missing ¾ of Belles Will Ring set, although I will say this they really impressed me, very together and a more focused sound then when they played at the Essential festival, and I thought they were impressive then, but this time I was ready to light some joss sticks in support of their dreamy, and lush lush melodies.

Then members of Dappled and Red Riders took to the stage for the coin toss that would decide who would play first and last. Dappled won or lost, either way they took to the stage first, the Red Riders followed. Both bands made use of The Metro’s lights and ability to do back-screen projects, Dappled had themselves (see the picture up the top) and the Red Riders had something very close to graph paper. It all looked pretty darn cool.

Dappled took to the stage complete with cheering section waving pomp pomps and played their usual set of mainly Granddance with Peach, Cream, a new song, and my two highlights of the evening their song Outposts and an extended version of Colour Coding. I found out later that the band hadn’t quite rehearsed but they know their material so well that we audience couldn’t tell, they just sounded well like the Dappled Cities Fly we all know and love.

After a wait and a thinned out crowd, Red Riders came out and had the crowd jumping about and in their pocket. This was the first time I had seen them, although I’ve heard the hype around them, with the Red Riders playing all the songs of their recently released album Replica Replica, they held their own and played a tight and enjoyable set, ok so I’m not about to rush out and buy their back catalogue, but I had a good time, and if someone lent me their album I wouldn’t protest.

Both bands came back for a once rehearsed and quickly learnt encore of November Rain, by the Guns N’ Roses IT WAS AWESOME!!! Complete with Wedding Yumi Styles and Andrew G off Channel V playing the respective parts. Sean caught the whole magnificent thing.

Thumbs Up to: Both Dappled Cities Fly and Red Riders, Dappled especially they hold a special place in my record collection, and Tim from Dappled for always being easy on the eye, and for what else NOVEMBER RAIN!

Thumbs Down to: Now for my regular whinge or thumbs down of the night this one should be too hard to guess; the crowd. It was all agers, fine I’m learning and trying to tolerate them, but the constant screaming/screeching gets on my nerves, as does people shoving someone else mainly me to and fro, the people there to socialise and talking LOUDLY over the top of the band, they talked all through Dappled but they just had to shut up when Red Riders came on didn’t they, oh well.

It was more then just a gig this was a farewell show for Dappled Cities Fly as they are off to tour and live in the United States for awhile, and despite the fact we will be deprived off their gigs, I wish them all the best.


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