So f**king Rock

Tim Minchin @ the Sydney Opera House

This is late and I am sorry, but the university takes priority and I am a lazy git.

Comedian, actor, singer-songwriter and all rounder rock and roll star extraordinaire Tim Minchin, was recently in the country, playing at the Melbourne comedy festival and at the Sydney Opera House, bringing us his fantastic award winning cabaret/stand-up/concert show So Rock.

It was the last show in a run of thirteen, it was Sunday 5pm, an audience filled with slightly obsessed teenage Minchin fans, couples, families, pensioners, and to my surprise and slight concern, children; not to mention my own good self. There was Tim’s inappropriate humoured but well crafted set of songs, his black piano, and then there was me and the whole audience laughing our arses off. I cannot praise this show highly enough and then some. The songs are thoughtful, laughter cramp inducing, and with titles such as Perineum Millennium- The Inbetween Years, and If You Open Your Mind To Much Your Brain Will Fall Out(Take My Wife) and Some People Have It Worse Than I that references his excitement at watching a Jerry Springer entitled Midgets, Midgets Midgets and which never fails to give me the old fashioned giggles; it was really too bad if you went to the toilet, to miss any second of So Rock is to literally miss out.

It is a real shame that the opportunities in Australia are severely limiting not just for comedians and singer/songwriters like Tim Minchin, but most for people within the business of creating, such as bands, actors, and all kinds of writers. Tim has recently moved to the UK and he has no plans to return to Australia in the immediate future, but he is currently on tour over there, and has plans on writing a sitcom.

The album So Rock, a live recording and a live recording of his follow up show in similar fashion Darkside are available from his shop online, as are some FREE Mp3s and some bloody funny clips of his work especially this one of my OTT favourites Canvas Bags .

The verdict from the man himself:




One response to “So f**king Rock

  1. carolineisnotamused

    I’m so jealous you got to see ‘So Rock’ in it’s full format….one day I will see ‘Fat Children’ and I don’t mean the Jarvis Cocker song 😉

    You summed him up well there: inappropriate but well crafted…the latter being the most important as there’s not enough of that these days. But at least there are some people who DO care about comedy.

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