Architecture in Helsinki @ The Metro


Arriving late to The Metro due to a family birthday dinner (It was Japanese food, and I’m not missing that for anything) I unfortunately missed the opening act Soft Tigers, who from what songs I’ve heard and enjoyed, are another up and coming electro-clash-rock-catchy-pop-songs outfit that seem to be slowly taking over the Sydney music market or maybe just some scene-based circles.

So, onto Muscles (woo!) the unsigned but label courting man of the moment, who I have seen and danced to plenty a times before, but this time in a much bigger venue, with a much bigger (read- younger) crowd, and with much louder bass-lines. It appeared to me that everyone under 21 seemed to really get into his music while everyone else was content to stand still with the occasional bop. Be prepared to see about the place Muscles merchandising, his modular sponsored ‘ICE CREAM IS GOING TO SAVE THE DAY’ t-shirts was a quick sell out, among those Ksubi wearing underager’s, with a precedent for squealing.

Then I went to the bar where the queue was so long, it successfully filled the gap between Muscles and that sell out band that we’d all come to see, Indie and Ksubi, young and old; Architecture in Helsinki.

With bongos and whistle-blowing AIH played to their swapping multi-instrumental, enthusiastically pop and energised hearts content, the crowd singing along, and lapping it up, I seem to remember that one of their most popular songs ‘It’5’ went down particularly well. Much to everyone’s delight, the band have appeared to really come together and into their own, putting on a much more concise show then what was expected. The end of show stage invasion, and final new song ‘Heart it Races’, seemed to be the perfect way to both end the evening and welcome AIH home, if only for a little while.

Thumbs Up to: Architecture in Helsinki, the band was happy, the hardcore fans were happy, the occasional fans were happy, and so it seemed was everyone else that fell in between.

(Note: I don’t have setlists for the gigs I go to, unless I snag one. I have the memory of a goldfish, literally in one ear and out the other. I mean I have enough trouble remembering people’s names, so I highly doubt, I’ll ever be able to remember setlists on the night in question.)


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