King Brothers


It was thanks to Adam that I hopped down to the Spectrum on Friday night to check out crazy arse Japanese more punk than blues band King Brothers. First up on the bill however, were Straight Arrows, a local DIY punk band, who seemed to be having such a fun, silly time, that it didn’t matter the crowd was rather thin, we enjoyed them and their punk Beatles covers all the same. Next were Pink Fits, who play some rocking blues/punk, I’m not if it was because I was distracted and waiting for King Brothers, but I just couldn’t quite get into this band, they did however have some enthusiastic fans in then audience. And then the King Brothers, in some stylish suits and battered instruments took to the stage and began by blasting everyones ear drums into smithereens.


This band sings in half Japanese/half English, and played an incredibly vicious, tight and furious 40-50 minute set. Throwing themselves right into the music, a few drum skins were broken along the way, mics were being eaten and flying about, the band were standing on tables, speakers, the bar, crowd surfing- all while still singing and playing along. This was such a FUN gig, I’m pretty sure I got the giggles at some point along with the drumming that made my knees twitch. Oh and their wall of punk sound songs rocked the place!!


Two Thumbs Up: This was fucking punk kids. and you missed it.

A big heads up stand up because all photos are thanks to and courtesy of Paul Wilcox who also has a music blog at ilikegigs.



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