eeehaarrtt welcome in Blue Jaaaaammmm…


Well, well, well, what can I say about Chris Morris’s BBC Radio 1 project in the late 90s, that honestly hasn’t been said a million times before and then some. Some people love it, others don’t, some people liked elements and others believed it to be a repetitive patchy sketch cop out.

I think it’s wonderful, repetitive and bloody funny.

Blue Jam is a audio projection of that fugue state you may sometimes find your-self feeling; somewhere between 3am, the absurd, not caring, and dreamy confusion. Cough syrup also gives off this effect as well. While drinking cough syrup and listening to Blue Jam feels like match between body and mind, I shouldn’t recommend things like that. After all my nan could be reading.

Sometimes labels tend to become relied upon too much, and Blue Jam is no exception, with “Dark”, “Sick”, “Cult”, “Surreal” being standard responses to this radio sketch show.

With its bleak monologues and sketches, mixed into and out of suitable “ambient” vibes with the softer side of 90s indie music. Think Eels, Massive Attack, Bjork, Beck, Beta Band, too many bloody B’s now. Written by Chris Morris (Peter Baynham, and Graham Linehan among others) and performed by Morris, Mark Heap, (the) Kevin Eldon, Julia Davis, David Cann, and Amelia Bulmore. Blue Jam was remade into a sketch show called Jam, which is still debatable in terms of quality- in some cases the radio sketches were literally transferred to the TV.

Personally Blue Jam, openned up my minuet points of reference, with its content, and mixed up “experimental” format. The first time I heard it, something just felt right, to put it simply, something clicked inside. Proves that once upon a time comedy and Chris Morris didn’t always take itself so seriously.

You can buy the official Blue Jam recording here.

Now if I know you, I can lend it to you, lord knows I’ve been trying to pimp it out to plenty of folk over the past few months with no takers, although maybe it’s my fault for talking Blue Jam up so much.

But if you want the full Blue Jam experience, music, warts and all; you can always download it off Cook’d & Bomb’d . Plus, they have a nifty introduction to the series, and some articles about the show.

TWO Thumbs Up to: Blue Jam, and frankly between you and me, the full version should be the only way you listen to Blue Jam with some headphones, making suitable WTF faces.


One response to “eeehaarrtt welcome in Blue Jaaaaammmm…

  1. Hey.

    Agreed, Blue Jam was monumental! It completely reset and (to be honest) warped my comedy RADAR when I first heard it. Then JAM just scared the shit out of me when I saw it.

    Since then I’ve become mildly obsessed with the works of Chris Morris and the actor Kevin Eldon. Most people just stare blankly, worried and confused when I try to talk about either of the shows and pose the question “Why are you listening to obscure radio shows from 1994?”.

    I’ve written some short stories/monologues/snippets inspired by Jam, Blue Jam and to some extent Nathan Barley. Check it out on

    I’m also attempting to build a small library of photos, data and links to Chris Morris’ entire works on my main website. This will hopefully be complete in mid 2008 at

    Would you mind linking to it? And/or my filthish website?

    I also suggest you watch My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117. It’s a short film by Morris for which he won a BAFTA, available from Amazon. It’s only 12 minutes but is a masterpiece derived from Blue Jam with an amazing Aphex-Twin-esque music video at the end.


    Leyton Jay aka Filthish

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