“Oooohh Int He Scrummy?!”




Well one episode left of this up to standard third series. Ideal is written by Graham Duff, and I must say this third series has lost none of the shows laughs or charm. Ideal, for folks that don’t know, is a very tightly written and bleakly brilliant sitcom, set in an apartment in Manchester and staring comedian Johnny Vegas as its hash dealing occupant Moz, the show basically revolves around the some what interesting and banal characters and friends that come for advice, “hiyas”, complicate all sorts of matters and to score.

For some odd reason Ideal and another fantastic BBC comedy written by Brian Dooley The Smoking Room, which can be seen on UKTV, are somehow linked together in my mind, it’s most probably the fact that I watched both shows around the same time, but one cant help but feel Ideal’s third series is the chance that The Smoking Room never got. Just why The Smoking Room(WHICH WON A BAFTA FOR THE WRITING SO YOU KNOW ITS QUALITY) was shafted after a second series, and absolute rubbish and twaddle ends up being recommissioned, see Titty Titty Bang Bang– the show that I refuse to believe that Bob Mortimer had a hand in, Hyperdrive-only Kevin Eldon just saves this from the proverbial scrap heap, and the over repetitive, one joke/one note The Catherine Tate Show-some of us will never know, but I can guess the words demographic, focus groups, ratings and BBC3 were probably thrown around.

And yes I know they are safe targets, I am simply throwing out off the top of my head, and those shows are simply the most blatantly obvious : lets-not-take-a-chance-produce-something-that-manages-to-be- both-funny-and-original- comedy that floats. And yes, I realise I’m not suppose to slag off other shows, writers etc, but I’m not exactly slagging, or even being critically eloquent, in the vain of Some of the Corpses are Amusing– this lot give most folk a run for their money and manage to be funny even if the site is a couple of years old nothing much has changed in the world of comedy.

Erm now this post has turned it something else. Oh dear, I do get like this from time to time. Calm…calm.

Third series of Ideal is current available for download off the other place while the dvds are available to buy off amazon, and ebay.

THUMBS UP: to Graham Duff, the crew and cast/characters-(go Cartoon Head & Psycho Paul) for making this third series of Ideal, just as funny if not more then the previous two.


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