The Basics…again

So The Basics…again…


and I was in attendance at The Basics third show at the Hopetoun, in Surry Hills on Tuesday night, and gee they’re fun. If The Basics were exhausted, they didn’t show it, they played such a tight show, complete with different set list to their other nights. Which is darn good showmanship considering that The Basics are playing three shows each week in April, as they are in the middle of undertaking a tri-state residency.

What I didn’t enjoy about the show was the group of people standing right in front of me, completely oblivious the band holding conversations about wikipedia, and providing each other and everyone else around them with a running commentary of the ENTIRE show.

Thumbs Up to: The Basics, for always putting a big dumb smile on my face and some boogie into my feet.

Heads Down to: Talkative annoying crowds and the Hopetoun for being such a sauna. and my laptop, for being a shite when it comes to resizing my basics photo.

see The Basics site for some FREE mp3s. I haven’t worked out links yet.

EDIT: Ive worked out links, and I got my basics photo up in my flickr.


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