“It’s almost like a moral desicion, except not really, because no one will find out”.


Peep Show is back, see the pretty picture there with David Mitchell/Mark looking fetching as always, copyright owned by channel 4. And it is available for download off the other place, for us non-UK residents, or those who missed it on the telly.

What a hoot, Jez’s smug face after the horizontal mother incident, and indifference of Sophie’s family to her father’s barn burning, pure class. It did start off slow and then it builds up, with some cracking lines between. Look it’s not as good as the first series, but it fills a hole in channel 4’s demographic and if the other five episodes carry on in similar fashion, the fourth series could be up there with the second series, and at the very least it should be better then the third, I mean Nancy’s back.

If you would like to catch up with Peep Show up till now, or check it out for the first time. Amazon do a lovely deal.
If I know you however, I’ll lend them to you

Thumbs Up to: Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, for a giggly return, and because I like Peep Show in general.

Sidenote: My Smell of Reeves & Mortimer arrived today, so expect some reviews, and Reeves and Mortimer goodtime fangirl giggles.




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