the begining, i guess.

Life’s far too short to be a positive happy-go-lucky person.

That’s why I’m here.

In trying to fill an on-line niche, and spurred on by by some lovely folks, I feel the need to force my valid- and it is valid let me assure you, opinion on others.

So here is a blog, by me. Reviews and news i think. Mainly reviews, on what ever i darn well fancy.

If things are crap, and lets face it lots of things are they get a heads down, they they’re good- very rare, I will give a thumbs up.

– and yes I’ve stolen the name from that game we used to play in school.

So heads down, thumbs up. NO PEEKING.

NB: Please put up with me, while I play around with the format/style. And there wont be many photos on here, unless I steal them from elsewhere-and give credit, because I’m a crap photographer, just look at my flickr account for all the splendid proof you need.


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